Training Practice




Leyland Surgery is an approved training practice, recognised for both undergraduate and post graduate medical training.

Being approved as a training practice gives recognition of the quality of care we provide as well as the range of educational opportunities available for learners.

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GP Trainers

  • GP Trainer - Dr Bangi MBBS (Merit). B-Med-Sci (Hons). MRCGP(Merit). DRCOG. DFFP. PG CERT Advanced Commissioning. PG Cert GP Education
  • FY2 Trainer - Dr Scales MBChB. BSc (Hons). MRCGP
  • Medical student Trainer - Dr Scales MBChB. BSc (Hons). MRCGP

Trainers are examined independently to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge of practice and of education, skills appropriate to one-to-one teaching, educational management, and attitudes supportive of learning.

Our Nursing Team may, from time to time, have a Nursing Student with them who may observe their clinics and take some basic examinations such as Blood Pressure Checks. These students are placed with us from UCLAN for 9-12 weeks.



A GP Registrar is a qualified doctor who has decided to embark on a career in general practice, much like a surgeon or physician in the hospital. Part of their training involves them spending a total of 18 months working at a teaching practice. This is usually divided into a 6 month and 12 month attachment. We will usually have one GP Registrar who joins us to complete the final part of their training.

We also provide placements for 5th year medical students from Manchester University for periods of 8 weeks along with student nurses from UCLAN for up to 12 weeks.

A Foundation Doctor (FY1 or FY2) is a Doctor who has just graduated medical school and are placed with us for 4 months to gain an overview of General Practice


What difference will it make to you?

On occasions the GP you are due to see will hold joint surgeries / home visits with the GP registrar/ FY2 or medical student.

Sometimes you will be seen by the GP registrar/ FY2 instead of (or as well as) your own GP. Please advise the receptionist if you would prefer otherwise.

In the beginning an appointment with the GP registrar/ FY2 may take longer than most GP appointments, we do appreciate your patience during these longer appointments.

All appointments offered by GP registrars and FY2 Doctors are in addition to the appointments usually available to you.

Occasionally we may ask your permission to record your consultation. This recording will only be viewed by doctors within the practice and are for educational purposes only. Physical examinations are not recorded. We will always ask for your written permission both before and after the consultation. If you would prefer not to be videoed please let reception know. This will not reflect upon your care in any way. All video consultations are destroyed once evaluated by the GP trainer.

All medical students and trainees have signed to and are obliged to offer you the same professional and confidential care as all other clinicians available in the surgery.