Dementia Fair Processing Notice




Prime Ministers Challenge on Dementia

This practice records information about you, your health and your treatment so that you receive the right care. We record this information so that it is available each time we see you. We have a legal duty to keep the information we record about you confidential.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, building on the achievements of the existing National Dementia Stategy has set an ambitious programme to deliver improvements in dementia care and research by 2015. As part of this, Leyland Surgery in conjunction with Lancashire Care Foundation Trust will be delivering a Diagnosis Gap Project working to identity patients that are at a higher likelihood of dementia.

Any patients identified during this project as a higher likelihood for dementia may be contacted by Lancashire Care Foundation Trust. If you would like to opt out of this project, please inform the GP practice and your records will not be collected for use in the project. This will not affect your care in any way and you will not be identified in any published results. If you have no objections, you need not do anything.

If at any time you would like to know more, or have any concerns about how we use your information, please ask reception for more details.

HEE’s team working across Thames Valley, in collaboration with local healthcare professionals, educators and carers, has developed a free eBook and app called The Dementia Guide for Carers and Care Providers.

This provides practical information for anyone caring for a person with dementia and is broken down into six sections:

  • understanding dementia – what it is, its symptoms and treatment
  • day-to-day living – looking after the person with dementia, yourself and your family
  • support – people and organisations who can help
  • legal and money – advice and sources of help
  • symptoms and behaviours – a look-up guidemedical terms – definitions of medical terms and abbreviations which medical professionals may use